Celcom 1 Malaysia

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RM 50.00 sahaja!!!!

Broadband rm25 sebulan (1GB) dan pelbagai pakej tambahan
(sms,mms dan voice call)

RM1 per 1 Jam - ( 100MB )
RM25 per 1 Bulan - ( 1GB )

RM 1.00
Berbual 1000 minit
SMS 1000 sms
per / Hari

celcom 28 sen per 3 minit
other 28 sen per 3 minit

celcom 2 sen per sms
other 8 sen per sms

Question & Answers:

1. What is 1 Malaysia Pack?
1 Malaysia Pack is a special plan from Celcom which offers affordable Voice, SMS & Data plan. With only RM1 subscription fee, you can chat and SMS with your friends all day with 1000mins and 1000SMS to 1 friend per day. You can also surf, FB and Tweet hourly/monthly broadband at RM1 per hour for 100MB. For longer internet access, subscribe to RM25 per month for 1GB.

2. When the product will be launch?
The product will be launch on 16th September 2012.

3. Where can I get this 1 Malaysia Pack?
1 Malaysia will be made available at selected dealers & Celcom Blue Cube in East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) and East Coast (Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang) only. 

4. How many packs can I buy?
1 Malaysia pack is limited to 1 pack per NIRC. 

5. What is the rate plan for this 1 Malaysia Pack?
The baseline Voice, SMS, MMS and broadband for 1 Malaysia Pack is the same as X2 plan.
Service Type Rates
Voice & Video call Same network within Malaysia 28sen/10mins
Other networks within Malaysia 28sen/5mins
SMS Same network within Malaysia 1sen/SMS
Other networks within Malaysia 5sen/SMS
MMS To all networks within Malaysia 35sen/MMS
Broadband Pay per use 10sen/10kb

6. What are the benefits or features offered in this 1 Malaysia Pack?
1Malaysia Pack offers affordable Voice, SMS & Data plan via the Voice & SMS Friend feature and broadband hourly/monthly bundles. 

Voice & SMS (Friend)
• 1000 minutes voice (or maximum 100 calls, based on X2 call block of 10 minutes x 100 calls) and 1000 SMS valid to one friend per day (from 00:00am until 11.59pm)
• 1000 Minutes & 1000 SMS is limited to Celcom network only
• Auto renewal at 00:00am daily
• Subscription fee is RM1 per friend, up to a maximum of 5 friends per day
• Customer can only add friend within same network only
• Normal charges of X2 plan shall apply upon fully utilization & expiry of the feature
• Unutilized minutes and SMS shall be forfeited and will not be carried forward to the following day upon successful renewal
• Customer can ADD, DELETE, VIEW & STOP ALL list of friends by sending the following keyword to 28882
Description Keyword Short code Subscription Fee
To ADD friend list 1FRIEND ADD 28882 RM1
To DELETE friend list 1FRIEND DELETE Free
To VIEW friend list 1FRIEND LIST Free
To STOP ALL friend list 1FRIEND STOP ALL Free

Hourly/Monthly Broadband 
• RM1 per hour for 100MB or RM25 per month for 1GB.
• Broadband speed up to 512kbps. Upon 100% utilisation of data limit, speed will be throttled at 64kbps
• Customer can subscribe by sending the following keyword to 28882
Description FUP Keyword Short code Speed Subscription Fee
To subscribe hourly data 100MB 1HOUR 28882 512kbps RM1
To subscribe monthly data 1GB 1MONTH RM25

7. What will happen to my 1000 minutes & 1000 SMS if I have not utilized all by 11:59pm?
The balance or unutilized minutes and SMS shall be forfeited and will not be carried forward to the following day upon successful renewal

8. What happens if I have added maximum 5 friends?
You need to delete existing friend list before you can add new friend. 

9. What happens if I don’t have sufficient credit for renewal of friend feature?
Without sufficient credit, renewal of the friend feature will be unsuccessful. You have to reload sufficient credit and validity period to allow renewal. Upon successful reload, the friend feature will be auto-renewed and credit will be deducted accordingly.

10. What happens if I have utilized all the 1000 minutes & 1000 SMS?
Normal charges of X2 plan shall apply upon full utilization & expiry of the feature. 

11. I have utilized all my current hourly/monthly broadband data limit of 100MB/1GB and my current speed is 64kbps. Can I re-subscribe again to enjoy the normal speed of up to 512kbps?
Yes, you can re-subscribe to the RM1 per hour (100MB) or RM25 per month (1GB) package to enjoy the normal speed of up to 512kbps. 

12. I am currently on XPAX/UOX/SOX plan. Can I migrate to 1 Malaysia Pack?
No, you are not allowed to migrate to 1Malaysia Pack. 

13. I have subscribed to 1 Malaysia Pack. Can I migrate to other prepaid brand?
Yes. You are allowed to migrate to X2 plan or Celcom International. RM5 migration fee applies.

14. Can I re-migrate the pack back to 1 Malaysia Pack if I already migrate to other prepaid plan?
No. You cannot re-migrate to 1 Malaysia Pack if you already migrate to other prepaid plan.



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